Weekly Web Crawl – Procrastinate Constructively in 8 Links

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This week: Procrastinate Constructively in 8 Links

Confession: I procrastinate a lot. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t want to change. I always get my work done and then some. How? I procrastinate productively. I do so in small increments of time or I get something else done on my to-do list that’s less important but more fun. There’s really no way to avoid procrastination entirely. Everyone does it. Don’t feel bad, just try to procrastinate differently. For example, start with the links below about productive procrastination. (FYI – These links are also good when you’re stuck at your internship with nothing to do but want to look busy)

-brillant article, makes me feel good about myself for procrastinating

-If you’re going to procrastinate, why not improve your intellect at the same time? Another good site for this: Sporcle (Try the European countries quiz.)

If your procrastination is really getting in the way of your important work, try these links for motivation and advice.

-Seth Godin, short and sweet

-I’m sure as hell inspired to get up earlier from now on. Let’s just see how I feel about it tomorrow when my alarm goes off…

-Haven’t tried this yet, but I hope to soon.

Happy Procrastinating!

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