What It’s Like to Be a Spring Semester Senior

After years of all nighters in the library, you’ve finally made it to your last semester. Graduation is so close, you can almost taste it – it tastes like choked back tears, excitement, and probably a little fear.

It’s going to be an emotional semester, but you’ll make it through! Feel free to play the song below while you scroll through these gifs to add to the emotional impact.

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1) You can’t wait for some independence.

You’re entering the full-time job market. Job descriptions contain the word “salaried,” and it’s both exciting and a little nerve-racking. Look on the bright side: you can start putting a dent on the debt your education created. When Notorious B.I.G. sang “Mo Money Mo Problems” I don’t think he had $28,400 of student debt to pay off.

FindSpark Money

2) You have no clue what you’re doing.

How am I going to cover that health care premium? Is $30,000 enough to live on? Does one to two years experience include internships or real-life experience? College was an amazing bubble, but that bubble is about to burst it’s totally okay to feel a little lost.

FindSpark Lost

3) It’s party time, all the time.

Time to celebrate your accomplishments and spend time enjoying your success. So go ahead, pile all your friends into your old Jetta and get some last minute head-banging celebration in. You have a little more time before that cap and gown arrives.

party4) You’ll stumble a little.

Even though you’ll soon be crossing a stage to obtain a piece of paper that proves your education, you’re still going to trip up sometimes (literally and figuratively). This is a new experience for you; it’s ok to fail. Just keep your chin up and try to do it gracefully.


5) You’re scared.

Everyone is scared of graduation. You have a couple more months to revel in college, so enjoy it. Once real-life kicks in, you’ll realize it’s not as scary as you may have thought. You can hide out a little longer though, we won’t tell.


6) You can’t make decisions (and that’s ok!).

When you were five you wanted to be an astronaut; by middle school you had the makings of a fine veterinarian; high school made you dream of being a professional YouTube celebrity; and your diploma in Art History should be arriving anytime now. Just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean you have to have it all figured out. Confident people fake it till they make it, so why don’t you join ’em?

100percent7) You haven’t worn real clothes in weeks.

Business casual does not include sweatpants, so get in your tuitions worth of college gear and loungewear while you can. As long as you’re not sitting with The Plastics, you should be fine.

Sweatpants8) You freak out every time you get an email.

Is it about one of the 239,034,982 jobs you’ve applied for? Getting an interview or an offer can be both exciting and scary. You might be questioning a lot, but just keep calm and think your decisions through. All will be well!


9) You’re learning to let go.

As sad as it is to admit it you wont be living, studying, and working with the same people every day, you’ll adapt. Life is really going to change. Roll with the punches; you got this!

letitgo10) You accept that you’ll be ok.

Everyone keeps saying you’ll make it out there in the real world; it’s time to trust them. How scary can it really be?

partnerHow did you feel during your last semester of college? Share below!


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