The One Thing You Need to Do Before Completing Your Internship

Did you recently or will you be completing your internship?

Before you finish your internship, you should immediately take steps to solidify your relationships and stand out from the crowd (of other interns). One way to do this is by creating an “intern goodbye and thank you” post on your social media platforms. This is an awesome way to stand out and give a virtual shout out to your team members and company, who were a part of your experience. It’s also a great way to show the rest of your network what you’ve been up to.

I’m a big fan of writing and sending physical thank you notes as well, because if you pick one that’s nice enough and thoughtful, that could stay on that person‘s desk for a long time!

Social media posts are fleeting, but have the potential to reach way more people. Do both!

How do you make sure your post reaches the right people and hopefully more relevant people who could help you in the future? Follow these steps:

Post on LinkedIn, Instagram, or the social media platform that’s most relevant

LinkedIn is an obvious choice to post on: that’s where your professional connections hang out.

Julie Luu Viacom Internship Thank You Post on LinkedIn

Instagram is a good choice if you have an appropriate, creative profile and many professional connections follow you on there. Instead of just creating a feed post, consider creating a Instagram story post, so that the people you tag can re-post to their story.

If there are other platforms you’re comfortable sharing professional updates on like Medium, Tumblr, or Twitter, consider posting there, too. It doesn’t hurt to post on multiple platforms, just remember to adjust the content to fit each one.


Include photos and rich media

Social media posts with media are more likely to get more engagement. Here are some examples of the type of photos to choose:

  • In front of the company logo
  • With your supervisor
  • From intern outings
  • Your desk
  • You and company swag

Joshua da Mata Linkedin post

Kendra Lehner's PVH Corp. Internship Thank You Post on LinkedIn

Tag everyone who’s relevant

When you tag people in posts, they get a notification — and most people love getting notifications! The more people that you tag in your post, the more reach you’ll get.

Include relevant folks who were involved in your experience, such as:

  • Anyone who helped you get the internship
  • Your supervisor
  • Fellow interns
  • Senior/executive level folks
  • Guest speakers
  • Mentors
  • Company handles

Richard Tang linkedin post

Annie Deconto Linkedin post

Use hashtags

Does the company you intern for have a hashtag? How about a hashtag specifically for the internship program?

Be sure to use those hashtags, along with general ones and ones related to your role and industry like #intern, #media, #design, #tech, etc.

Amy Soukoule NBC Universal Internship Thank You Post on LinkedIn

Did you post a “goodbye / thank you” post at the end of your internship? Share the link or screenshot in the comments!

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