What to Do Before Your Internship Ends

With the end of the semester near, it’s time to start prepping for finals week, finishing up projects, and saying goodbye to your internship. Although the work may be wrapping up, there are some things every intern should do before their last day to ensure that they make the most of their experience and solidify the connections they have made.

Post COVID-19 Note: All of these to-dos can be done virtually via video chat or over the phone as well. Don’t let remote work stop you from making the most of your work opportunity!

Get Coffee With Co-workers

Whether it is a supervisor or someone in another department, it’s great to get out of the office and make a new connection, as well as learn about how that person got to the position they are currently in.


Have Someone Review Your Resume

Be sure to update your resume while the position is still fresh in your mind and ask your supervisor to look it over when you are done. They will be able to give great feedback to ensure that you accurately showcase the experience and the skills you developed.Typing Cat

Go Out With the Other Interns

Before everyone goes back to school for a new semester, plan an intern lunch or a fun get-together after work. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and plan something. After working hard together this summer, you all deserve a fun break. Your fellow interns will thank you! Group Hug

Hand-Write Thank You Notes

Everyone loves to receive a hand-written note, and it’s nice to show your appreciation for the experience and the people who helped you along the way. You can drop them off to each person on your last day, or mail them after you leave. Thank You

Update your LinkedIn

In addition to updating your resume, don’t forget to update your LinkedIn too. Add the position to the experience section and be specific about the projects you worked on and what you learned. Don’t forget to add your fellow interns, supervisors, and other work colleagues on LinkedIn as well to make the connection last beyond your internship. Typing Cat 2

Send Your Personal Email to Keep in Touch

Since your work email will be deactivated after your last day, be sure to send your personal email to those you want to stay in touch with after you leave, like your supervisor or HR. This makes it easy to plan a lunch or coffee catch-up in the future, and HR has a way to contact you if a job opportunity you would be perfect for opens up.Email Gif

Have some other great tips for interns at the end of their internship? Let us know in the comments.

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