What to Do When You Really Want the Job

What are you doing to take the extra step when you really want something?
When I was a senior in college my dream internship was with Time Out New York in the marketing and events department.
I spent hours on my application materials. Hours.
I made sure my cover letter used keywords from the job description and two specific club related work experiences that showed I had experience in marketing and events (even though it wasn’t “real work” experience). My resume was two pages (which is a huge mistake, make sure your resume is one page) but was meticulously spell checked and formatted consistently. 
I didn’t stop there.
I also recorded a short video cover letter (not required) that shared a specific experience that was relevant to the job.

I ended up landing the internship and had a great experience. Six years later, I’m still in touch with my old boss from that semester.
Even when you meet companies or recruiters in person, you still need to apply online so that you’re in their system.
But what else can you do in the meantime to stand out and show you really want the role and are a great fit?

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