What We Can Learn from Michelle Obama’s Dougie Dance


We know you’ve probably already seen this video circulating through your Internets, and we’re guessing that you love it for all the reasons we do. It’s not that we didn’t know First Ladies could get down, especially Mrs. Obama, but the fact that she’s doing the dougie as part of a public appearance and to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign for youth health and fitness.  It’s  even stronger proof that our First Lady is not afraid to toss out old and outdated ideas about what her role should be.

We think everyone can take a page from Ms. Obama’s hip handbook in their own roles as interns and employees. To demonstrate new ideas, take ownership in completing them, and maybe create some new rules in the process. In internships and jobs, we’re often faced with what’s been done before us, what the last intern accomplished (or didn’t accomplish) and how they did it – when we know that our ideas could be just as effective, if not more. But having a breakout moment means more than just a bulb flashing in your head. The real key to making sure your ideas get heard is being able to demonstrate your confidence and belief that they’ll be successful. You don’t see Lady O stopping halfway through or let her “Running Man” start walking!

And who knows, you might have your boss saying “Teach me how to Dougie” in no time at all.

Karina Briski has been in the world of 9-5′s for nearly two years and has taken numerous internships with nonprofits and small social enterprises in her off-hours to keep the creative juices flowing. She’s in the process of moving from Seattle to New York City this month to put her intern skills to the real test. She also writes a bunch about anything that comes to mind, and her work can be found in various corners of the web, including on a blog that she sometimes forgets about updating. She shares most of her important news via Twitter

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