Why SXSW Should Have a Student Scholarship Program

I had the honor of going to SXSW Interactive this past week as a representative of Sterling Publishing. It was an amazing experience. I believe the coolest thing about the event is that you have so many talented, accomplished people all crammed into beautiful Austin, Texas.

I’m amazed that SXSW doesn’t do some sort of college program. They should be sponsoring 50-100 college students from around the globe. They could partner with Universities so that SXSW gives away passes and the college pays for flight and hotel.

Photos from the "Lego Lounge" at SXSW

Until this happens, students, get creative! I recently spoke with Tina Yip of Boston University who’s goal is to get sponsored by her department so she can attend next year.

Why not, right?

Remember, you don’t get anything you don’t ask for!


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