Work Revolution Book Launch Party

“I believe freedom in the workplace is worth fighting for and every person and every organization can be excellent.”

Join us for free drinks, snacks, and good conversation as we celebrate the launch of

The Work Revolution
How to gain freedom and be excellent in any job environment

We live in a new age of global companies, hyper-access to information, and accessibility to tools that enable us to bring any idea life. Strangely, our workplaces are lagging behind the promise of this open and collaborative world. Most organizations are rule-based, top-down, dreary environments optimized for conformity and little else. The Work Revolution creates a compelling portrait of a different kind of work.

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Julie Clow earned her Ph.D. in organizational psychology and spent the first part of her career as an instructional designer for a wide range of organizations, mostly traditional. Julie joined Google in 2006 and spent five years there focusing on team effectiveness, leadership and management, and organizational culture, primarily for engineers. During her tenure, she discovered the power of freedom and autonomy for creating a thriving workplace. She now serves as the VP for Learning and Development for an equally inspired investment management company. Julie resides in New York, New York.

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