Young Creatives Gain Insight at Second Installment of Find & Follow Your Passion at Pratt Institute

Here’s what some attendees had to say:
The keynote by Swissmiss was amazing, as was every session I attended. Outstanding event, I loved it all!

I really enjoyed how the speakers were very candid, nothing was sugar-coated.

My favorite part of the event was meeting inspiring minds who all want to accomplish great things. Refreshing!

NY Creative Interns is built around inspiring career optimism. Our organization has grown quickly since we started in 2010 and now serves as a support network providing inspiration and motivation for thousands of young creatives around the world. We’ve seen firsthand that a network like ours combined with hard works results in unlimited possibilities.

We’re not just for interns anymore, and because of that, (you heard it here first!) expect a name change in the not too distant future.

This installment of Find & Follow Your Passion in partnership with the Center for Career and Professional Development at Pratt Institute was our biggest initiative to date and a huge success! Thank you to everyone who was involved and made the event possible.

Here’s what happened:

Tina Roth Eisenberg opened the event by sharing the rules she lives by including “…trust your intuition, if an opportunity scares you, take it, and ignore haters.”

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt--Tina-Roth-Eisenberg-Swissmiss
Photo by Yael Malka

Over 50 top creative companies recruited our attendees for great opportunities.

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt Viacom MTV
Photo by Yael Malka

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt- Wieden and Kennedy
Photo by Yael Malka

Speakers shared their personal “how they got here” stories and insights.

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt-Monica-and-Megan
Photo by Yael Malka

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt---URL-to-IRL
Photo by Yael Malka

Attendees, speakers, and volunteers enjoyed lunch together at local restaurants nearby.

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt- Speakers Attendees at Lunch
Photo by Yu Zhang

Jenny Blake demystified the idea of the career ladder, comparing what it’s like now to an app: fluid and customizable.

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt Jenny-Blake
Photo by Yael Malka

The event ended with drinks, food and new friends at Brooklyn Tap House.

Find Passion NY Creative Interns Pratt Volunteers
Photo by Yael Malka

We have lots of photos, videos, and blog posts with content from the event coming, so stay tuned. In the mean time, check out what our storify recap below.


Find & Follow Your Passion by NY Creative Interns

On Saturday, November 10 over 350 young creatives came together to hear insight and find opportunities from dozens of top creative professionals. The event was in partnership at the Career Center at Pratt Institue.

Storified by Emily Miethner · Mon, Nov 12 2012 08:41:21

Find & Follow Your Passion: A Full Day Conference on November 10, 2012 at Pratt Institutenycreativeinterns
Meet professionals from @USA_Network @Behance @penguinpress & more at #FindPassion conf Sat. Nov. 10! Smith
Gearing up for our biggest event yet! (@ #FindPassion Conference at @PrattInstitute with @NYCinterns) Miethner
Saturday is nearly here! @NYCinterns & @PrattSuccess present #FindPassion #opportunity fair & #conference: #BrooklynPratt Institute
I’ll be speaking at @PrattInstitute tomorrow 12pm. #NYCreativeInterns conference #findpassion. Keynote speak
@nycinterns #findpassion name tag featuring a @tattly design
#FindPassion be there or be square :) I would of course much rather be a circle that networks! @PrattInstitute DiStefano
My new read looks pretty intriguing. #FindPassion Goddess
Custom @moleskine for @NYCinterns #findpassion conference today! Creative Interns
Got our Tattly and waiting for @Swissmiss to come on! #FindPassion @ Pratt Institute Lo
@swissmiss Truly inspirational. Thank you very much. #FindPassion Vaisberg
Thank you @nycinterns for having me as your first #findpassion speaker of the day, at the lovely Pratt Institute.Tina Roth Eisenberg
Great Advice! "If An Opportunity Scares You, Take It" – @swissmiss #FindPassionNicole Monahan
Walking canvases @papermashea @kforreals thanks to @shantell_martin! #FindPassion Creative Interns
#findpassion career fair is filled! Chen
Exciting, impressive conference #FindPassion @nycinterns this is definately worth this mornings early wake upGonzalo Loayza
It was so great meeting my twin @hopkinsonreport! Loved listening to your story! #Findpassion Yin
Learning about accomplishing some missions #fi @ #FindPassion Conference at @PrattInstitute with @NYCinterns Carlson
Business time! #findpassion Stone
Best gift bag ever. #findpassion #moleskine @popchips Pan
#FindPassion lunch w/ speakers @chapmanchapman @jimhanas @NishaChittal & fellow @nycinterns attendees @ Anima Tran
Enjoying lunch with future pros @iperry @jning117 @j_glide & photo pro @melissahom ..fab #findpassion conf w/ @nycinterns #brooklynDonna Sweidan
Networking: Build it before you need it. #FindPassionNY Creative Interns
We <3 @Etsy – here they are sharing their mission and teaching us about b corp status. #FindPassion CCPD
Loved hearing from @inulg @corycavin & @melissahom about freelancing at #FindPassion. Happy to have a better sense of how to make it work!Bryan Wesley Reid
Amazing time at #findpassion conf Finding my Tattly match was one of the many high points! @nycinterns @PrattInstitute Okoro
Honored to be speaking @NYCinterns #FindPassion today! Thank you, it was amazing! Ps. that @GoBoundless swag! :) Crespi
@letjo78 Imparting knowledge at #FindPassion! Creatives unite! chaos
Colleen Tucker of @WarbyParker: "Talk with your supervisor about expectations for next few months. Hit the ground running." #FindPassionNY Creative Interns
Closing keynote with jenny_blake at #findpassion! Frantz
Had a long day but it was well worth it. Thanks to @NYCinterns for another amazing event. My first #FindPassion event but not my last.B. Goddess
#FindPassion group shot at brooklyn tap house! CCPD
Thank you so much to everyone at @nycinterns for such a great experience full of positive energy. High five it! #findpassionCandice Acosta
Inspired and motivated after @NYCinterns #findpassion yesterday. Momentum gained: FULL SPEED AHEAD! Thanks @emilymiethnerAmanda Diaz
Shout-out to @emilymiethner & @marnysmith for transforming hundreds of lives in a single day through @NYCinterns & #FindPassion!Brian Shoicket
Thank you @NYCinterns for joining us at @PrattInstitute for an incredible day #findpassion All of us at Pratt Institute to all of you – hugsRhonda Schaller
Thank you @swissmiss for sharing your #rulestoliveby at @NYCinterns’ conference yesterday. #FindPassion Major

Did you attend the event? What was your favorite part? What topics would you like to see covered in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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